400nth Balloon Sculpture, 6 ft Pink Elephant


So today is my 2 year balloon twisting anniversary! I made my first balloon animals September 27th 2012.

My balloon twisting origin story here, https://patriciaballoona.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/kismet-and-eudaimonia-how-i-got-into-balloon-twisting/.

I had something huge planned to celebrate but it is going to have to wait until October for reasons to be revealed later. Just know that I have plans to make my biggest balloon sculpture to date in a few weeks from now!

I decided to make a Nifty Balloons 6 ft. tall Elephant only in pink. I combined what I learned from their Masks tutorial package and also their Jumbos tutorial package and combined the two. They actually have a picture of a Jumbo Elephant as it were on their Facebook page and they had it standing on top of a ball which is totally different than their tutorials and they do not show you how to do.

I took it upon myself to recreate only with my own flavoring their Jumbo Elephant.

I did my ears differently than they did on their picture and made it pink. I also added feathers to the top of the head and also used black feathers for eyelashes.

I made it holding an umbrella like they did as well.

Putting it on the ball was pretty tricky I will warn you,lol. I drew stars on the ball and it really added a lot, it definitely needed something.

My version below.

facebook 2


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