399nth Balloon Sculpture, Hello Kitty Bubble Gum Machine


I saw a bubble gum machine somewhere online that was red and loved it and decided to  replicate it with a few Patricia Balloona touches to it.

I had the idea to put a mylar inside as I have personally had a Hello Kitty gumball machine before and it had a big plastic Hello Kitty in the center of it.  I wanted to recreate that look. I put a small mylar Hello Kitty inside a large clear round and also put some pink, white and pearl pink small rounds in there as well to be the gumballs.

Because this is experimentation, I was afraid to blow up the clear round beyond a certain point as I wanted to make sure there was definitely something to take pictures of,lol. Next time I will see how much bigger I can go and make sure I have extra large clear rounds with which to be able to sacrifice to find that max limit.

I have minor tweaks I will make for the next round but overall I am pretty pleased with the outcome and design.



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