Adventure Time Board


And now for something completely different. I am on the PTA at my kid’s school and the PTA president asked me to decorate the PTA board at school. He said I could do anything I wanted as long as it was school appropriate.

My whole family and I are really into Adventure Time and so I decided to make an Adventure Time theme and adapt it for school. I redubbed it- LEARNING TIME with a pencil through the time instead of the sword.

I free hand drew the characters while looking at pictures for references onto construction paper and I then layered the construction paper to have a kind of South Park like style.

I also added in some elements from the school life for kids into the board. For example, LSP makes a joke about purple not being on the behavior color code. Lady Rainicorn has a blue folder which every kids at school has that they take homework and things for parents in everyday. Names of classes are next to characters. Ice King is teaching about the properties of ice.

I am just in love with how this came out and had to share it here.

I have been fantasizing about making a mural for my daughter in her room and this gave me the confidence to really start considering that. I would like to repaint her room and make an Adventure Time mural much like I did for the school board.

So here you go. Hope you like it. 🙂
















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