395th, 396th and 397nth Balloon Sculptures, Homer, Bart, and Donut Centerpiece


So today is my birthday and what better way to celebrate it than by making cool balloons for my kiddo’s school for a Donuts for Dads event they had there today? When I thought about donuts and dads, Homer Simpson immediately came to my mind and I thought to myself, I have to make Homer and Bart for this event,lol. πŸ™‚

I am on the PTA and I love being a part of the school and being of help there. The people there are just so awesome and I just love them and how they care so much and do such a great job.

I made an over 6 ft tall Homer Simpson along with a big Bart complete with Skateboard and I even threw in a Donut Centerpiece.

This was quite a challenge. These are tricky characters to translate into balloon form and I think I did a pretty good job. It definitely grew my problem solving skills. These are original Patricia Balloona balloonification of Simpsons designs. πŸ™‚

I ran out of yellow 646’s otherwise I would have used them for Homer arms. That was a bummer but overall I am quite pleased with everything.

I did lots of stuff I had never done before and was just going with it and problem solving as I went and I just played around a lot and it was an iterative process.

They were a huge hit at the event so that felt good and they withstood a storm of kids touching and messing with them,lol.

Pictures of my work below. Hope you like it and if you don’t then you can, “Eat My Shorts” ,lol. πŸ˜‰

facebook homer 2



My daughter and Husband modeling with my display. πŸ™‚


facebook 3

facebook 4

facebook 5

facebook 1

facebook homer 2


facebook 3

facebook 4

facebook 5


facebook 1


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  1. Wow. I see now how you use some of these techniques, like the way homer’s legs are connected. Really really interesting and this design is like a tutorial as I see these techniques you used and figure out how it is constructed . This is my favorite design you have done in a while, because normally your concepts baffle me as I never really learn any large sculpture techniques because I am always screwing around with little tutorials and such, and I love line work. This one, though, is so clearly constructed that it provides an enormous amount of information to me just viewing the picture for a minute straight. Lots of ideas and techniques, thanks for this greatest of posts!

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