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  1. Hahahaha oh my god so cool!!!! I wish you did tutorials, because you would be the most popular in the world. Let me know if there is ever a design such as this adorable ghost busters emblem that you would let me teach as a tutorial. Obviously, any such tutorial would have your name in title and in description am in comments section and constantly mentioned in the video plus links to your sites in the description. Something I’ve been wanting to ask you for a long time now, if you would be open to allowing me to teach a couple of your smaller designs whilst giving you full credit. If you check my recent views , you will know I am in a position to get more traffic to you than I was before, but I am not sure if you even care about traffic, likes and views anymore after our conversation before. Either way, just wanted to know how you felt on that issue, and any answer you want I give I will be fine with. I am not running out of designs – far from it – but maybe there is a way that we can bring some of these designs into the tutorial realm. It would benefit both of us, if your goal is also to get your name and art out there further. Artistically, you have always been ahead of me, miles ahead, however I have skills creating increasingly popular tutorials, so maybe we can join forces in that way. The first time I wanted to ask you was when I saw your rainbow dash column. I could easily put a quick but well filmed tutorial together for that and I would obviously take not even partial credit for it in any way. Hope all is well dear!!!

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