387nth Balloon Sculpture, Pacman Ghost: Inky


I made these table decorations for an 80’s themed high school reunion for my Sister-in-Law.

I was told the colors they wanted and it was requested that every one of the 8 tables have a different and unique twisted item with 80’s iconic nostalgia.

One such item was to be a Pacman ghost- which I decided to be the blue one,  Inky.

This was an intimidating project. I have never seen anyone make a Pacman ghost and I couldn’t find one for reference in any of my searches.

I had an idea to make it pixelated and I didn’t know if it would come out well or not but I went for it anyway. I Googled pictures of the ghost in very detailed pixilation with blocks well defined as to number and where and that enabled me to know how many bubbles of what color go where. Oh- this is 7 blocks high so I will make this seven bubbles high. There is a distinct trick with the way that you make the bubbles n order for it to work.

I applied the principles of making a 5 inch round balloon wall only with twisted bubbles and no paper clips required. The idea being that you have your columns all set and ready to go in such a way that when they come together they make the image you want and they need to be tightly but gently rubber banded the columns together, in this case I just used 260’s and squished them in between the bubbles of each column.

The great effect this had is that it came out with the exact look I wanted and it was two-sided so people could see the same character and same thing from the front as well as the back only mirrored.

I am so proud of my idea and my execution. I feel like I did something new and came up with an innovative way to apply what people do with round balloons to twisting balloons, i.e. I found a different way to apply already established principles.

I do wish I did the round balloons differently. I realize now with all the black that instead of having zebra print I should have put black in and made 6 balloon clusters rather than 4. I feel like I learned an important lesson there. Know the table cloth color.

Pictures of my work below. 🙂 Hope you like this. 🙂

facebook ghost


facebook ghost facebook ghost 2



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