386th Balloon Sculpture, 6ft tall Elsa


My daughter’s best friend had a birthday recently and so I made her something extra special. She is really into Frozen and so I decided to make her a 6 ft tall balloon Elsa.

I took what I learned from Ken Stillman on tall Princesses and dresses and expanded on it. I added a cape which was made with silver and clear balloons interwoven together and made the head differently and I am really pleased with how the hair came out as I spent careful time and attention to it.

I double stuffed blush 350’s with silver 350’s to make it look like she had on sheer silvery sleeves.

I added on some snowflake details and drew on the face. There is a distortion for nose but it doesn’t show up well in pictures although it shows great in person.

I had so much fun making this and this was such a labor of love.  This just reconfirms for me my love for making large pieces. My heart is in display, décor and gifts.

My daughter’s friend and whole family just loved it which really made my day.  I wanted my daughter’s friend to know that she is a super special girl and that we just love her and her whole family.

Pictures of my work below.

facebook 6



I originally had a silver 260 around the waist and realized that was too small and made her waist look too tiny. My daughter modeling with her gives great size perspective though of balloon in relation to kids. I also tweaked the length of the right arm and made the arms more even after this picture was taken.

facebook 6




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  1. Love it!!! I’ve been looking for an Elsa to make. I’ve made two other Stillman princesses and wanted to do this one. Did you use Pale Blue? Im thinking of using Qualatex 646 Robin’s Egg Blue. Also would love to know how you distorted the nose–that’s AMAZING! and how you did the hair. I’m thinking of using 360 Pear’s for the hair.

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