383rd Balloon Sculpture, Clown Centerpiece


I have been in a very reflective and somber mood lately, not to mention my little one went back to school and we had to get ready for that and so I ended up taking a bit of a break.

Here is another Nifty Balloon centerpiece design that I learned from their tutorial, you can purchase it here for $35.00 and learn 7 designs from which you can springboard into anything.

They are top notch when it comes to video tutorials and have the highest production quality I have ever seen.

I actually didn’t really like their clown design all that much,lol. I don’t like the way they do his hair on the tutorial and I don’t know, I just wasn’t in love with it and into it.

I did the hair differently based on what I had seen of later versions of the clown via Facebook and like that much better. I also don’t like that there is no mouth as that is a major feature of a clown, what is a clown without his goofy smile? I added a mouth to mine and the different hair but I should have put the hair higher on the head but didn’t realize it until it was too late,lol.

I also made some squiggly doo’s at the bottom of the base and slightly did my coloring differently on the bottom as well as the hat and flower I changed colors. I used a clear pole as well and my base and pole structure is just a bit different from theirs.

Here is my version of their clown. I am still not happy with it and want to change more things with it.

facebook 2

facebook 2










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  1. Beautiful job; very cute! I have been having trouble uploading videos. Have fully filmed tutorials I cannot release, and an all out of money, may lose apartment. Hope you are able to get through any rough patches! We are all trying our best

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