380th Balloon Sculpture, Luke Skywalker


I recently made a  Luke Skywalker.

I wanted to make a nice overlap look to the shirt and show a little chest in v shape like Luke in Star Wars, A New Hope. I also wanted that almost skirt like touch too to the bottom of the shirt.

I am still pretty new to making male balloon bodies, especially detailed ones and I have to say I find the whole thing intimidating,lol. I used face techniques I learned from Phileas Flash and I had seen light sabers using clear and colored balloon from friends an in the community.

Overall this is a Patricia Balloona original balloonification design of Luke Skywalker. I am the only one with a body like this and I am the first person I know of to make a detailed Luke Skywalker. The only other ones I could find were very simple line work type figures.

Here is my balloonified Luke Skywalker.

facebook 1

facebook 3

facebook 1 facebook 3


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  1. This is impressive. It seems silly to critique something I can’t make, but I am going to. The hair looks flowy and very good! I see you use this facial structure, and it looks great but the lips always stand out to me, and I wish there was a small bit of tweaking on that that could give the mouth a little more expression. Love the laser sword technique, but I just wish it had like one more petal twist underneath. The body structure is “bird legs and barrel chest” but it really works on this sculptures aesthetic. All minor things, obviously, when looking at this big fantastic design! Great job, this is definitely Luke!!!

    • Thanks Sage! I appreciate your thoughtful and eloquent critiques. I want to mess around more with faces in general and play around with the mouth part more especially. That and bodies. I can’t wait to see what you will think of tomorrow’s post!

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