378th Balloon Sculpture, Peter Pan


My friend Jessi’s daughter was in a fantastic play called Peter Pan Jr. recently where she played Michael Darling.

I asked Jessi which was her daughter’s favorite character and she said Peter Pan. I simply had to make her daughter an awesome Peter Pan balloon to celebrate her awesome accomplishment and exciting new venture. Her daughter is only 6 years old and she remembered all her 31 lines and did a fantastic job. I was quite impressed.

This Peter Pan is a Patricia Balloona original balloonification design, the character is not mine, just the way I translated him into balloon form.

I also made her a simpler Michael Darling holding a teddy bear but the real focus was on Pan.

I am really quite pleased with how it came out. I am new to this style of distortion technique. I learned how to do this kind of head distortion via Ken Stillman on Balloon Click.com, http://click.balloonmaster.com/.

I modified the technique a little and turned it into a Peter Pan and drew the face on myself. It was scary as could be drawing the face on and I almost didn’t but I am glad that I went for it and Fortune Favors the Bold as the saying goes. 🙂

People went absolutely crazy for it at the play and Jessi’s daughter loved all her balloons I made her! Yay!

Behold, Peter Pan a la Patricia Balloona. 🙂





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