374th Balloon Sculpture, Ballerina Hippo


Tatyana DjeTa Lyashko is a wonderful balloon artist from Russia. She has done something very brilliant in that she has made wonderful balloon pieces for all the 12 zodiac signs. She has PDF’s available for all of them. You can buy all 12 for 120 U.S. dollars or you can buy each separately for 12 dollars each. You can see her work and get in touch with her on Facebook.

Link here,


If you have any issues or questions you can certainly contact her. She is very helpful and sweet. I mentioned to her a couple of things that she might want to add to make her instructions more clear for the Virgo Ballerina Hippo for example and she was happily receptive and is going to add and make some changes to make sure it is even more clear.

Her designs are brilliant and she is doing a fantastic job especially considering English is not her first language. I loved what I learned from her PDF and she is just very inspirational!

Below is my replication of her Ballerina Hippo. The Ballerina Hippo is her piece for the Virgo Sign. It is cool that my favorite of her pieces just happens to be My personal zodiac sign, though I must say- I am not really a typical Virgo at all,lol.

I arranged my arms and legs a bit differently and unfortunately I ran out of light blue balloons and had to use a Caribbean blue as just desperate replacement,lol. I am still very pleased with how it came out.

I drew on the laces rather than putting balloons ones on as I wanted to do very specific leg placement and didn’t want to worry about them. I wanted it to look like she was dancing in my leg placement, a sense of being in motion. I positioned her in 2 different ways.

I also put some Altea roses in with her to make for that sense of a crowd throwing roses at her due to an exquisite performance.

I also used black feathers as eyelashes and found them to work very well.

best hipo 4

best hippo 3

best hippo 5

best hippo 6







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