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382nd Balloon Sculpture, Alice from Wonderland


I adapted a Ken Stillman princess design into an Alice, making for an apron and such. I played around a little more with distortion for the head, though I wish my nose had protruded a bit more. I need to make a point of playing around more with hair and hairstyles. These are things I intend to really focus on more and more. My 2 year balloon twisting anniversary is coming up in Sept. and so I want to make it a point to get more polished as I head into my 3rd year into this art.

I drew the face on and am still learning how to draw faces. All in all I am very pleased with her and she was a huge hit which is what most matters.

Pictures of my work below.

My daughter modeling with Alice. 🙂


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381st Balloon Sculpture, Star Wars Stormtrooper


I think this is my new all time favorite piece that I have made yet.

I really am surprised at how well this came out and how I managed to channel all that Woody Allen like nervous energy into something productive, lol.

I am proud of the helmet and also how I got the body, which as I have said before, I am still pretty new to bodies and at trying to get them more detailed. It isn’t something I have done a lot. This is a Patricia Balloona original balloonification of a Stormtrooper design. I did take some inspirations for the body and gun from Nao Osaka and Phileas Flash. The head though is completely mine.

Pictures of my work below, my husband and daughter modeling with it too.


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380th Balloon Sculpture, Luke Skywalker


I recently made a  Luke Skywalker.

I wanted to make a nice overlap look to the shirt and show a little chest in v shape like Luke in Star Wars, A New Hope. I also wanted that almost skirt like touch too to the bottom of the shirt.

I am still pretty new to making male balloon bodies, especially detailed ones and I have to say I find the whole thing intimidating,lol. I used face techniques I learned from Phileas Flash and I had seen light sabers using clear and colored balloon from friends an in the community.

Overall this is a Patricia Balloona original balloonification design of Luke Skywalker. I am the only one with a body like this and I am the first person I know of to make a detailed Luke Skywalker. The only other ones I could find were very simple line work type figures.

Here is my balloonified Luke Skywalker.

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379nth Balloon Sculpture, Skippyjon Jones Centerpiece


My daughter has a couple Skippyjon Jones books and a few nights ago we read one of them during her nightly story-time.

When I looked at the cover of the book, I saw a white geo donut and the things I learned from the two faced centerpiece Nifty Balloons tutorials came rushing at me.

I had a gig at a local library and decided to make them a Skippyjon Jones centerpiece.

This is a Patricia Balloona original.

I was very happy when I asked my daughter what it was and she immediately said Skippyjon Jones! That was nice.

It was a huge hit and I am so glad that it has a happy home. 🙂

Pic of my work below.

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378th Balloon Sculpture, Peter Pan


My friend Jessi’s daughter was in a fantastic play called Peter Pan Jr. recently where she played Michael Darling.

I asked Jessi which was her daughter’s favorite character and she said Peter Pan. I simply had to make her daughter an awesome Peter Pan balloon to celebrate her awesome accomplishment and exciting new venture. Her daughter is only 6 years old and she remembered all her 31 lines and did a fantastic job. I was quite impressed.

This Peter Pan is a Patricia Balloona original balloonification design, the character is not mine, just the way I translated him into balloon form.

I also made her a simpler Michael Darling holding a teddy bear but the real focus was on Pan.

I am really quite pleased with how it came out. I am new to this style of distortion technique. I learned how to do this kind of head distortion via Ken Stillman on Balloon,

I modified the technique a little and turned it into a Peter Pan and drew the face on myself. It was scary as could be drawing the face on and I almost didn’t but I am glad that I went for it and Fortune Favors the Bold as the saying goes. 🙂

People went absolutely crazy for it at the play and Jessi’s daughter loved all her balloons I made her! Yay!

Behold, Peter Pan a la Patricia Balloona. 🙂




377nth Balloon Sculpture, Hello Kitty Centerpiece


I replicated a Nifty Balloons Hello Kitty centerpiece.

They have an awesome new tutorial package out that focuses on teaching 2-faced centerpiece designs. They look the same on the back as they do the front.

You can purchase it here for $35.00. There are 7 designs total but you can extend them to all kinds of possibilities once you know the foundation.

I need more practice working with these geo donuts. I need to practice getting the size right but especially stretching the hole to be lower down.

All in all this is still very cute and I enjoyed learning it. I put 260 whiskers on it instead of drawing it on and I played around with different colors for my centerpiece. I also added a flower.

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376th Balloon Sculpture, Magic Rabbit


Here is my replication of Nifty Balloons’ Magic Rabbit. See my previous post for more info about the tutorial I learned this from.

I gave it a bow but I think I prefer the way they do it which is have it all white on the top of the head, though next time I will draw whisker dots as I feel it needs a little something like that.

This was a nightmare to take pictures of because my nice background is black,lol. I need to get more colors for background. I had to go with my yellow kitchen walls. This is the only decent spot I have in which to take pics of things in my house.

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