372nd and 373rd Balloon Sculptures, Snow White and Grumpy Dwarf


When I made the basket that I cover in the previous post to this, the first thing that popped in my head was, “This needs to be held by Snow White.”

I learned how to make this “Snowy” Princess from Ken Stillman via his Balloon Click site. It is awesome and well done and is such a brilliant design.

I paired it with the Edward Trzeciakiewicz basket that I made and it made for a match made in heaven.

Then I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have one of the 7 dwarves stand with her?

My favorite dwarf is Grumpy so I decided to make him. This balloonified Grumpy is a Patricia Balloona original design. I have to admit I am super proud of it. I used techniques I have learned from Phileas Flash and Nifty Balloons and also added some new ones of my own, making for a wonderful cocktail of balloon manipulation. I spent a lot of time on it figuring things out and problem solving and experimenting.

There was much cursing involved which seemed appropriate given that I was making Grumpy, lol. The body was as big of a challenge as the face.

So below is the result of all the hard work I have done the past several days. I feel like I am allowing myself the freedom and permission to struggle more and more in this art and I think it is paying off beautifully.

Pictures of my work below.



facebook yes


faceboko 14

facebook 4

My Best Friend Lisa and daughter modeling with Snowy below.





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