367 and 368th Balloon Sculptures, Frozen Themed Number 5 and Giant Snowflakes.


I was recently hired to make  some giant snowflakes and a wintery number 5 for a winter themed birthday party.

Pics of what I made below. 🙂

In addition to these 3 snowflakes, there were also 3 more hanging in a different area. I don’t have pictures of them because guests had started to arrive and I didn’t want to intrude on privacy.

facebook 9

fcabeook 2

I added a 5th snowflake to this number, making it even more number 5 complete 🙂 Poor snowman lost a couple of his buttons in the transporting process.

facebook 7


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  1. Patricia, I am helping with a friends little boys bday party in a few weeks and am interested in making the snowflake sculptures to hang in the room. Just wondering if link a loon balloons were used? We live in very rural maryland and have no professional that do balloon shapes. Any help that you would be willing to share would be awesome. Thanks in advance

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