365th Balloon Sculpture, Ice King from Adventure Time


Man was this a doozy,lol. I knew that I would have to tackle Ice King, after all he is one of my top three favorites. My favorites being: Jake, Lumpy Space Princess and Ice King. He is as complicated to make as he is a complicated man,lol.

I thought long and hard about how to even approach him.
Once I thought of a doable approach I went for it.

I am really proud of how this came out. I have been wanting to avoid weaving as much as possible, just a limitation I decided to put on myself as of late. I came up with this for a body as a result.

Hope you like him, he was such a challenge!

This is a Patricia Balloona original balloonification design, :). My daughter modeling with it below.

ice king patricia Balloona2

ice king and Natalie








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