363rd Balloon Sculpture, Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time


“She’s Lump! She’s Lump!  She’s in my head.”

Lump by Presidents of the United States of America

Ah, how can one not absolutely fall in love with Lumpy Space Princess on Adventure Time?

What is it about her that is so alluring and enchanting?

Is it her funny voice? Is it her luscious lumps? Is it the fact that she wrote a book?

Lumpy Space Princess, Ice King and Jake are my top three favorite characters but really I love all the characters.

I HAD to make LSP!

I took different approaches at first but am glad that I settled on using rounds.

I didn’t have any Lilac rounds and so had to do some color mixing with the balloons I already had.

This is an original Patricia Balloona Design. Not the character mind you- just the balloonization of the character,lol.

Hope you like her. 🙂 My daughter is having an absolute blast with them! I made her a a regular purple one too.


facebook post this for sure


We are having soo much fun with these!






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