360th and 361st Balloon Sculptures, Jake the Dog and Finn the Human


Oh my glob! My daughter has recently discovered and gotten me and my husband majorly into this awesome-tastic show called Adventure Time!

The first 2 seasons are on Netflix! Our whole family loves it!

I love and identify with Jake especially!

I saw a Balloon Animal’s YouTube video called Balloon Win Fail featuring Jake the dog and loved it and decided to see if I could make one as well. Video to which I am referencing.

He doesn’t show you how to make them but rather just gives you clips showing snippets of his process in making requested balloon figures.

I am highly inspired by Mchael Floyd a.k.a Balloon Animals and I love his work and wanted to have one at my house.

I think I made a nice change to his design by making squiggly arms to the Jake balloon as I feel it gives a stretchy feeling as Jake holds the power to stretch his body. Mine just naturally came out just a little different in the face as I am not sure exactly how he went about everything and had to find my own way.

I also made a Finn to go with it.

I think I will make a few changes to Finn but overall I am very pleased.  I think this makes a pretty awesome scene.

Here you have it!

facebook 2

Here is a version of Finn with a smaller head. Which Finn do you like better?














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