359nth Balloon Sculpture, Olaf from Frozen


I watched a Michael Floyd aka Balloon Animals Youtube Video called Balloon Win Fail where Michael takes on a challenge given by fans and sees if he can make the request to to people’s liking.

He doesn’t teach you how to make the things he does, he simply shows quick little clips where you can see him putting everything together, but it is chopped up and is not to teach but to just give you a glimpse of him at work.

I especially loved his Olaf and decided to give it a go and see if I could figure it out by trial and error. Video of it here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nq3xa9jgn8w.

I made slight alterations, like I used 260’s rather than 160’s for some details as I am really on white 160’s and am being very sparing with them.

I made one for my daughter’s birthday party as a prize and my niece won it. She was thrilled!

I also made one for my daughter. I really love the design and when recreating it- I realize that I need to make the forehead smaller. I also need to add some eye brows.

All in all though I am very pleased.

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