357th and 358th Balloon Sculptures, Rainbow 6 and Rainbow Dash Columns


My daughter had a birthday party this past Saturday and bow was it a blast! We threw her a Minute To Win It party and had adults as well as children play. My husband was the game show host and I was in charge of games and giving out prizes.

I had just about everyone come up to me and tell me it was the best birthday party they ever went to, and I am talking about adults here as well as kids!

I made awesome balloon prizes to give out for the winner of each round. We had a championship round at the end where winners competed against each other. I had a gift certificate from me for the winning adult and a cool toy for a girl and boy for the championship rounds for the kids, girl championship and boy.

We were very intentional about picking games that were both fun to watch as well as play and we were intentional about picking games that kids would be able to do.

I made my daughter a rainbow 6 and a couple of Rainbow Dash balloon columns.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time at the party to take pictures, I was the host and man was I just constantly hectically busy! I did plan ahead knowing that I might not have time to take pictures at the party and took pictures of 6 and made a practice column at home and took pictures of them and with my daughter.

The balloons were a huge hit! I was happy to be able to make and do something nice and with balloons for my own daughter’s birthday party. She loved everything and was a super happy birthday girl!

The 6 I made her is a different style than I usually make. This used all 5 inch rounds and I had to make the frame for it myself.
It really looks like it was made out of skittles! I will not pop it and it still stands in my dining room! I love it!

facebook 2390480958139045


I have been going back and blackening the yellow areas, but this was too tricky,lol.


A friend of mine took this picture of the stage at the party! Yay! My husband is on stage. Tomorrow’s post will be the awesome Olaf balloon prize I made for the party that I figured out by watching a Michael Floyd Balloon Win Fail video.

facebook party 2








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