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372nd and 373rd Balloon Sculptures, Snow White and Grumpy Dwarf


When I made the basket that I cover in the previous post to this, the first thing that popped in my head was, “This needs to be held by Snow White.”

I learned how to make this “Snowy” Princess from Ken Stillman via his Balloon Click site. It is awesome and well done and is such a brilliant design.

I paired it with the Edward Trzeciakiewicz basket that I made and it made for a match made in heaven.

Then I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have one of the 7 dwarves stand with her?

My favorite dwarf is Grumpy so I decided to make him. This balloonified Grumpy is a Patricia Balloona original design. I have to admit I am super proud of it. I used techniques I have learned from Phileas Flash and Nifty Balloons and also added some new ones of my own, making for a wonderful cocktail of balloon manipulation. I spent a lot of time on it figuring things out and problem solving and experimenting.

There was much cursing involved which seemed appropriate given that I was making Grumpy, lol. The body was as big of a challenge as the face.

So below is the result of all the hard work I have done the past several days. I feel like I am allowing myself the freedom and permission to struggle more and more in this art and I think it is paying off beautifully.

Pictures of my work below.



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My Best Friend Lisa and daughter modeling with Snowy below.




371st Balloon Sculpture, Edward Trzeciakiewicz Basket


I came across this basket design via Balloons IT’s Facebook page and loved it and when I saw the article link for it I squealed with joy and knew that I simply had to make one as well!

The basket was designed by an amazing Polish balloon artist named, Edward Trzeciakiewicz. His website here,

Below is my replication. I decided to fill it with apples and flowers instead of eggs as he did, it was meant as an Easter basket. I have plans to make something to go with this basket, stay tuned and see if you guessed right. 🙂


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370th Balloon Sculpture, Fire Truck


I am very proud of this design and this is a Patricia Balloona original.

I was recently hired for a birthday party and the theme was Fire Trucks.

I wanted to channel Nifty Balloons’ ability to make very clean and retro designs and came up with this as a result.

This piece is quite big- it is about 3 ft long and was as big as the birthday child himself who was turning 3 years old, lol.

It was a huge hit and it made me feel really happy to make this and it feels great to know that I can do it, I can come up with things just out of my head now without looking at anyone else’s. I want to start developing my own voice more and more. Getting there. 🙂 It is a process.




369nth Balloon Sculpture, Michael Gjerek Vase


I have to say that ever since I stumbled across Michael Gjerek’s work, which I don’t even remember how it happened but I am now a forever fan.

I have to say that he is now one of my all time favorite balloon artists if not the favorite. He is from Slovenia.

Somehow I stumbled across this BalloonsIt Facebook page, where I saw a picture of a vase that just blew me away made by Michael Gjerek whom I think runs BalloonsIT.

I clicked on the link that was provided under the picture of it to the site of its source and to my surprise it had a picture tutorial.

Now I will confess, I had a very hard time following what was going on in the pictures. I really struggled and wrestled and wrestled with it. I had to just practice and practice and experiment until I got something that worked. I still don’t know if I did it right or just found a different way,lol.

I have never seen or done anything like this before, this referring to the top and the bottom of the vase. There were subtleties to it that had tremendous affect on the outcome and structure, everything for me was hinged on figuring out the subtleties.

However, I was given enough information to be able to get started, and getting started is really key.

I didn’t give up and I went through a ridiculous amount of balloons to get this but I am soooooooo excited and happy to have made this vase and I am really proud of myself for not giving up.

We shouldn’t give up or think that if something doesn’t come easy to us that it isn’t something worth pursuing. We don’t get better by sticking with anything that comes easy. We get better by being challenged, by trial and error, failing and getting up again.

Even the placement of the roses I made was a learning process, I had to go through many trials of error until I figured out how to go about balloon flower arrangement. I learned so much from this project and I especially learned how I can problem solve-I can do it, and it isn’t even easy, and that is just fine, it isn’t supposed to be easy. Beauty comes from the struggle an artist wages with his limited medium, not the easiness of it.

Hope you like it. This was a feat for me and an eye opening process.

I took it to my mother’s house and she loves it and my daughter is modeling with it below.


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367 and 368th Balloon Sculptures, Frozen Themed Number 5 and Giant Snowflakes.


I was recently hired to make  some giant snowflakes and a wintery number 5 for a winter themed birthday party.

Pics of what I made below. 🙂

In addition to these 3 snowflakes, there were also 3 more hanging in a different area. I don’t have pictures of them because guests had started to arrive and I didn’t want to intrude on privacy.

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fcabeook 2

I added a 5th snowflake to this number, making it even more number 5 complete 🙂 Poor snowman lost a couple of his buttons in the transporting process.

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366th Balloon Sculpture, Pippity Pop Car.


An awesome balloon artist by the name of Pippity-Pop has a tremendously awesome balloon ride inside design. It is my favorite car design of all time.

I just love it!

I looked at pictures of hers and did my best to replicate it. I made one for a client for a birthday party and it was a huge hit. I also made one for my daughter as how could I not?

Best car ever!

Her Facebook page here.

She has quickly become one of my favorite balloon artists. She refers to herself as Balloonologist and is from New Zealand, adding to its awesomeness!

My daughter modeling with my replicated version below . I elongated it to fit her comfortably.

Video of it here,

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I added a license plate. 🙂

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365th Balloon Sculpture, Ice King from Adventure Time


Man was this a doozy,lol. I knew that I would have to tackle Ice King, after all he is one of my top three favorites. My favorites being: Jake, Lumpy Space Princess and Ice King. He is as complicated to make as he is a complicated man,lol.

I thought long and hard about how to even approach him.
Once I thought of a doable approach I went for it.

I am really proud of how this came out. I have been wanting to avoid weaving as much as possible, just a limitation I decided to put on myself as of late. I came up with this for a body as a result.

Hope you like him, he was such a challenge!

This is a Patricia Balloona original balloonification design, :). My daughter modeling with it below.

ice king patricia Balloona2

ice king and Natalie