356th Balloon Sculpture, Pioneer Graduation Decor


My daughter’s school had a graduation ceremony and reception for the 5th graders. (Side note, may I just say I am proud of my daughter who graduated kindergarten and is going to be a big first grader in the fall!)

Apparently the grades who get a graduation ceremony are the 5th, 8th and 12th graders.

I decided to make an arch and a proud pioneer- their school mascot, using what I learned from Phileas Flash, and a 14 to stand for 2014. The school colors are orange and blue which happen to be my 2 favorite colors! I get a little carried away being on the PTA,lol. It was my donation to the school.

People really loved everything and I got so much enjoyment watching their reactions. Kids and adults alike were gitty and fascinated by everything. They took their pictures with it which was my goal and intention. I absolutely love bringing out the inner child in adults!!!!!!!!!

It was amazing how it withstood so much abuse,lol. Kids and adults were touching it, hugging it and there were just tons of people there and they were all pretty much messing with it,lol. It survived everything and everyone!

The décor was originally in a gymnasium but we moved it to the foyer area so people could see it right when they walked through the entrance door.

When securing the numbers- I secured the 1 a little bit too tightly and so the bottom slightly curved. Something I will know for next time. 🙂

Pictures of what I made below. 🙂






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