355th Balloon Sculpture, Under the Sea Arch for Chick-fil-A


My local Chick-fil-A, on Brainerd Rd, hired me to make an Under The Sea arch for them along with balloon entertainment. I pulled from what I learned from previous experience and inspirations thanks to Mr. Boma, Balloon Sage, Holly Hopper, Felix Yoldi, Nifty Balloons, and Mr. Fudge.

I also made octopuses, giant sea horses, sea turtles, jelly fish and regular fish to hang all throughout the store.

I also made some cool things for the employees to wear, like mermaid hats, shark hat and a scuba tank.

This was a really fun project and it was really gratifying to hear people’s reactions. I decided a squared arch would be best as it is easier to put balloon accents on it and makes for nice mix and change of pace.

The employees have the proper balloon spirit and that made the fun and excitement exponential.

The clown fish should have had orange on the very top and been wider but hey- overall I am very proud.

I drew he face on the giant mermaid.

It was really busy so I only got a couple of pics in,lol.



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