354th Balloon Sculpture, Shine’s 1950’s Sock Hop Prom Decor


I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off,lol. Which is a good thing. Now to start getting caught up and reporting what I have been making and doing.

Last Friday I had the honor of being hired to do some balloon décor for a prom for kids and adults with special needs called Shine. It is kindly put on and organized by Bridge Christian Church. http://www.bridgechristian.org/#/community/shine

What a dear and beautiful event and thing to do for the community!

They wanted an arch, two giant sundae icecream float columns, and I threw in and surprised them with a giant white poodle.

The colors for the theme were black, pink and a turquoise like blue.

I learned how to make a sundae float column from Ken Stillman via Balloon Click.com. It is a paid membership site meaning you make a monthly payment to get access to the designs and tutorials.


Below is what I made for the Shine event. I feel very honored and happy to have been able to be a part it. 🙂

facebook 423

facebook 42

facebook 45





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  1. Cool you made the Sundae design from Balloonclick!!! I remember irking you to get on that site and make that design like a year ago. Great stuff as always!

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