352nd Balloon Sculpture, Yorkshire Terrier On Pillow Gift Piece


My mother has an adorable little tiny teacup Yorkshire Terrier named Bella and so for mother’s day, I decided to make her a Yorkshire Terrier Gift Piece.

I took inspiration from my awesome friend Gabby from her balloon Yorkshire Terrier design and expanded on it and turned it into a gift piece.

Here is her Yorkshire Terrier design on which I am speaking. It is simply adorable.You can see more of her work on her FB page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/gabbys-Crazy-balloons/148018648612585.

Here is my rendition and what I made for my mother. 🙂

My mother has breast cancer and it has spread to her bones and the doctors say she will be lucky to make it to Christmas. This will be my last Mother’s Day to celebrate with her. She loved it and I am just so happy I could make her something super special.

To all you out there battling breast cancer, just big hugs to you. To you who have mother’s who are sick, big hugs to you.

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