348th and 349nth Balloon Sculptures, Owl Decorative Piece and Sage Flower


I am a bit proud. I was experimenting and came up with this owl head design.

I decided to turn it into a decorative piece. It stands at about 4 ft tall. I had seen a decorative piece like this only differently styled made by Derek Wong of Twisted Inflations where you have basically a centerpiece with an owl sitting on a branch with leaves.

I decided to use my good pal Balloon Sage’s whimsical flower design that I just love and tried out a new leaf design that I have seen used a lot lately in the balloon world.

Sage tutorial for his whimsical flower here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgD7O_wCWNA. I didn’t make his style leaves just because I had been wanting to try out this other leaf design.

I actually prefer it having just a pointy end but on one of the flowers, which would be far left, I did the little bubble at the end.

It is a great design and I just adore it!

I plan to keep messing with this new owl face design that I came up with, using different colors for example and proportions and I am just going to experiment with it further and see where it goes. I am really proud of it.











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