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356th Balloon Sculpture, Pioneer Graduation Decor


My daughter’s school had a graduation ceremony and reception for the 5th graders. (Side note, may I just say I am proud of my daughter who graduated kindergarten and is going to be a big first grader in the fall!)

Apparently the grades who get a graduation ceremony are the 5th, 8th and 12th graders.

I decided to make an arch and a proud pioneer- their school mascot, using what I learned from Phileas Flash, and a 14 to stand for 2014. The school colors are orange and blue which happen to be my 2 favorite colors! I get a little carried away being on the PTA,lol. It was my donation to the school.

People really loved everything and I got so much enjoyment watching their reactions. Kids and adults alike were gitty and fascinated by everything. They took their pictures with it which was my goal and intention. I absolutely love bringing out the inner child in adults!!!!!!!!!

It was amazing how it withstood so much abuse,lol. Kids and adults were touching it, hugging it and there were just tons of people there and they were all pretty much messing with it,lol. It survived everything and everyone!

The décor was originally in a gymnasium but we moved it to the foyer area so people could see it right when they walked through the entrance door.

When securing the numbers- I secured the 1 a little bit too tightly and so the bottom slightly curved. Something I will know for next time. 🙂

Pictures of what I made below. 🙂





355th Balloon Sculpture, Under the Sea Arch for Chick-fil-A


My local Chick-fil-A, on Brainerd Rd, hired me to make an Under The Sea arch for them along with balloon entertainment. I pulled from what I learned from previous experience and inspirations thanks to Mr. Boma, Balloon Sage, Holly Hopper, Felix Yoldi, Nifty Balloons, and Mr. Fudge.

I also made octopuses, giant sea horses, sea turtles, jelly fish and regular fish to hang all throughout the store.

I also made some cool things for the employees to wear, like mermaid hats, shark hat and a scuba tank.

This was a really fun project and it was really gratifying to hear people’s reactions. I decided a squared arch would be best as it is easier to put balloon accents on it and makes for nice mix and change of pace.

The employees have the proper balloon spirit and that made the fun and excitement exponential.

The clown fish should have had orange on the very top and been wider but hey- overall I am very proud.

I drew he face on the giant mermaid.

It was really busy so I only got a couple of pics in,lol.



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354th Balloon Sculpture, Shine’s 1950’s Sock Hop Prom Decor


I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off,lol. Which is a good thing. Now to start getting caught up and reporting what I have been making and doing.

Last Friday I had the honor of being hired to do some balloon décor for a prom for kids and adults with special needs called Shine. It is kindly put on and organized by Bridge Christian Church.

What a dear and beautiful event and thing to do for the community!

They wanted an arch, two giant sundae icecream float columns, and I threw in and surprised them with a giant white poodle.

The colors for the theme were black, pink and a turquoise like blue.

I learned how to make a sundae float column from Ken Stillman via Balloon It is a paid membership site meaning you make a monthly payment to get access to the designs and tutorials.

Below is what I made for the Shine event. I feel very honored and happy to have been able to be a part it. 🙂

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353rd Balloon Sculpture, Fire Hydrant


I am very proud of this design. This is a Patricia Balloona Original. 🙂

I don’t know why- but I looked at a fire hydrant and fell in love with its shape and lines and it came clear to me in my head how to go about making it.

I think I might be a bit weird in my design approach because I create and plan for the steps in my head before I go about making something. I think the process completely through first and then twist. It is not so natural for me to just pick balloons up and then mess around with it and see what happens. I do believe I should do that more but it is very very hard for me and I feel like I am fighting the current.

I like to think of it as a Batman versus Spiderman approach to balloon twisting.

I brood and plan everything out in my head and then make adjustments accordingly when I actually start the process. I have a distinct end in my mind and then try to go about achieving that end. Batman.

Other people just go in, play it by ear, start messing with shapes and things and then get a plan going. The end you might say is a surprise. Spiderman.

This went exactly as I had played out in my head every step of the way and that was very exciting for me. I love it when a good plan comes together. 🙂

Picture of my work below.







352nd Balloon Sculpture, Yorkshire Terrier On Pillow Gift Piece


My mother has an adorable little tiny teacup Yorkshire Terrier named Bella and so for mother’s day, I decided to make her a Yorkshire Terrier Gift Piece.

I took inspiration from my awesome friend Gabby from her balloon Yorkshire Terrier design and expanded on it and turned it into a gift piece.

Here is her Yorkshire Terrier design on which I am speaking. It is simply adorable.You can see more of her work on her FB page,

Here is my rendition and what I made for my mother. 🙂

My mother has breast cancer and it has spread to her bones and the doctors say she will be lucky to make it to Christmas. This will be my last Mother’s Day to celebrate with her. She loved it and I am just so happy I could make her something super special.

To all you out there battling breast cancer, just big hugs to you. To you who have mother’s who are sick, big hugs to you.

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351st Balloon Sculpture, Intricate Butterfly


This is my first attempt at this style of butterfly.

I need to practice more to get it even cleaner but overall I think this is rather pretty and pretty good for a first attempt. I also made it into a centerpiece.  🙂

Love, as the fluttering wing, is a graceful movement of the heart.
~K. D’Angelo

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