345th Balloon Sculpture, Jimi Hendrix


My best friend of over 10 years, Lisa, had a birthday earlier this week but I had a stomach bug and so could not celebrate with her.

I wanted to do something extra super special for her to make it up to her.

She is a HUGE Jimi Hendrix fan! I decided to make her one and surprise her with it at her job. I think I am the first person to ever make a Jimi Hendrix balloon.

This took lots of iterations. I did a lot of research on Jimi and his look and his guitars. I found out he was left handed and made sure to include that detail.

I realized that his eyes seem kind of rectangular and so I strived for that effect with the balloons.

My husband had the brilliant idea to add flowers to him and it just took it to a new level.

This was a labor of love.

I brought it to her Thursday and she was so thrilled that she literally screamed and she was jumping up and down excited. She had no clue and was completely surprised. She also happened to be wearing a Jimi T-shirt!!!!!!!! She only owns 2 and the odds of her having a Jimi shirt the day she gets surprised with a Jimi balloon is just amazing. It couldn’t have been more perfect!

Pictures below and man are they wonderful and Lisa is so wonderfully animated and enthralled.  Happy Birthday again Lisa!

“Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and Say my glory was I had such friends.” William Butler Yeats

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is really good! The eyes look sentient! I was a big Jimi fan as a teen. I always laugh when I listen to Purple Haze…”Excuse meeee, while I kiss this guy!” Oh my goodness, I saw this shmuck that made a life size Obama in a video a couple years ago, for an event, and it looked NOTHING like him. This is definitely Jimi. By the way, I forget, is this your first time making a black dude out of balloons???? Lol

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