344th Balloon Sculpture, Bubbles the Puppy


I learned how to make this via Justin Reams of Twist of Fun Balloon Art.

I bought  the PDF via Paypal. I learned how to go about it on his site. It is 10 dollars.

It is an amazing design and the PDF is done really well. Super clear and bright and well executed. It looks like this character just jumped out of the T.V. I learned some new techniques that I will be applying and using for other things.

I decided to turn it into a centerpiece. I channeled Dylan Gelinas as I liked a fish centerpiece he had done and I wanted to see what the bottom would look like in person. I changed some of the colors.

Instead of a white balloon stick though I used a clear pole with base.

Here are the pictures of my replication. My daughter just loved this!








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  1. Hi Patricia

    Are you able to email me instructions for the westie dog as i am unable to follow the photos on gabbys crazy balloons. I have only been ballooning for about three weeks!! Therefore, the product will not be for sale. My in laws had a westie who recently passed away, therefore it would be nice if I make them a westie balloon. Hope you can help.

    Thanks Debs

    • Do you mean you can’t see the pictures that she has on her step by step page? If so I will have to check with Gabrielle if it is okay to send you the pictures or ask her to send them to you as I don’t ever want to impose on someone else’s work. If you are unable to follow them as I don’t know what is going on here- I am afraid I cannot help you. She has already put everything out in step by step pictures and really I couldn’t make it any clearer.

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