342nd Balloon Sculpture, Pikachu


My daughter has been watching a lot of Pokémon lately and I couldn’t help but of course be sucked into watching it as well. I know I am a tad late to the whole craze but better late then never eh?

It is an awesome show! I like it just as much as she does,lol.

Of course Pikachu is unbelievably adorable and I just had to make a balloon version of him.

I learned how to make a Pikachu thanks to a balloon artist named Nao Osaka and I added some little touches to multiply the cuteness even more.

I made it for my daughter and she just loves it! I love it too,lol. This was a figure for me just as much as for her,lol.

Below is my replication and modified version.

balloon 031




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    • I forget that you seem to only know this franchise from the TV show. I got the very first pokemon game when I was nine, and there are now 17 movies haha. So many amazing creature designs…. I challenge you to make Xerneas 😉

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