336th, 337th, 338th, 339nth, and 340th Balloon Sculptures, Wedding: Arch, Columns, Hearts, Heart Centerpieces and Topiaries.


Yesterday I had the honor and privilege of making balloon decorations for a wedding.

This was my very first wedding job. I am very lucky that my first job was working for such a dear of a bride, who could not have been further away from the dreaded Bridezilla. I am so grateful and honored that she put her trust in me to provide her with décor for such a special life event and I took it as seriously as a heart attack.

I worked alone, no team. I was highly organized and prepared and because of that I was able to make and set up everything in time. I made the columns, arch and centerpieces on site. I premade the huge hearts but dressed them with tool and flowers when I got on site and had to hang them up using a hanging system that was totally new to me. Because of the being squished in the cars, my husband and I each had one in our car- there were pops I had to fix and adjusting that needed to be made. There were two main rooms and I put a heart on each side. It looked especially nice because each room was filled with chairs and people who were to watch the wedding in the foyer. There was a heart representing the bride and another the groom, and so there was a heart for a bride side and a groom side- even though they didn’t really segregate their guests that way.

I had to have everything up and ready in a 3 1/2 hrs time window with the exception of the centerpieces, those I made while the ceremony was going on. When I say 3 1/2 hrs, that is counting unloading everything from my and my husband’s car and cleaning up everything and taking some pictures.

I actually went to my car to blow up the balloons for the centerpieces so as to not disturb the ceremony should there be popping,lol. I also made some topiaries for the outside entrance making a total of 11 centerpiece arrangements, those were made at the same time as the arch. This was my first wedding job. Thankfully I had plenty of tulle and flowers to use and I am very pleased with how everything turned out. I felt so in the zone, I was in epic flow, this is me running free in my bliss.

I was inspired by pictures I had seen of columns and matching arch on I forget where, I think either Google or Pinterest and made my own versions.

I was inspired by ШАРОВЕДАВ for the hearts in that he uses different sizes to achieve a nice effect. I already had bigger heart frames made and so couldn’t go by his measurements and had to make my own adjustments. I did take from him the idea of using different sized balloons and also the spiraling effect of using two colors.

Link to his tutorial here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqJkiZcRQ9o.

Pictures of my work below. This was truly a labor of love and I cannot adequately express how much joy and sense of accomplishment I felt during and continue to feel. This job was such a blessing to me.

facebook even more so



facebook 6


facebook 5

facebook 10

facebook 7

facebook 9

facebook 8

Here is a picture of the wedding table being in front of arch and Kris Clinton Jones, one of the operators of the Heritage House modeling with arch.

facebook 4







2 responses »

  1. Very beautiful decor. You weren’t kiddin’ about playing about with mixed media! The colors are beautiful and they certainly have a unique aesthetic. Congrats!

  2. Wow, those are beautiful. Great job.

      May you always have Love to Share, Health to Spare and Friends that Care.


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