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I am afraid I am having a bit of a rough patch right now and so won’t be making any posts for at least another week, maybe two.

My mother’s cancer has spread to her spine and she is on morphine now. I have been really struggling with stress and grief surrounding it and the issues that come with it.

As if that wasn’t hard enough, just yesterday I had an emergency wisdom tooth extraction as it was impacted and infected. It hit me out of nowhere Wednesday and I ended up getting surgery Friday. Let me tell you, this is one of the most painful things I have ever gone through in my whole life and I have given birth!

This surgery caused me to have to cancel a really big weekend as far as decor work and I will be frank, I am pretty depressed about that. I really needed this weekend financially as well as emotionally and this was a really hard hit at every turn. It is a hard hitting set back.

To anyone out there who is having a horrible week and terrible luck, grief, and or pain, I just want you to know you are not alone.

They say you have to have a lot of emotional fortitude being an entrepreneur, and right now mine is certainly being tested and vetted pretty hard.

To all you entrepreneurs who have pushed through and made it to the other side of your trials, I salute you and gain inspiration from you.

It isn’t that successful people never fail or never get hit with bad luck, it is how they get back up and deal with it. You just have to keep on keeping on. You can either quit or move forward.

I am certainly at that crossroads.

I don’t think anyone around me will let me quit. It seems like this little adventure of mine has turned into something bigger than me and I don’t want to let anyone down and no one around me is letting me down. I feel like I have no choice but to move forward. It isn’t about me anymore.

It is about what kind of a role model will I be to my kid. It is about not letting down all these people who believe and are excited in what I am doing and how this venture is helping me self-actualize, there is an energy and a momentum in that that effects my friends and other people.

I just want to say hugs to all you out there and that I certainly need and appreciate them too.

345th Balloon Sculpture, Jimi Hendrix


My best friend of over 10 years, Lisa, had a birthday earlier this week but I had a stomach bug and so could not celebrate with her.

I wanted to do something extra super special for her to make it up to her.

She is a HUGE Jimi Hendrix fan! I decided to make her one and surprise her with it at her job. I think I am the first person to ever make a Jimi Hendrix balloon.

This took lots of iterations. I did a lot of research on Jimi and his look and his guitars. I found out he was left handed and made sure to include that detail.

I realized that his eyes seem kind of rectangular and so I strived for that effect with the balloons.

My husband had the brilliant idea to add flowers to him and it just took it to a new level.

This was a labor of love.

I brought it to her Thursday and she was so thrilled that she literally screamed and she was jumping up and down excited. She had no clue and was completely surprised. She also happened to be wearing a Jimi T-shirt!!!!!!!! She only owns 2 and the odds of her having a Jimi shirt the day she gets surprised with a Jimi balloon is just amazing. It couldn’t have been more perfect!

Pictures below and man are they wonderful and Lisa is so wonderfully animated and enthralled.  Happy Birthday again Lisa!

“Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and Say my glory was I had such friends.” William Butler Yeats

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344th Balloon Sculpture, Bubbles the Puppy


I learned how to make this via Justin Reams of Twist of Fun Balloon Art.

I bought  the PDF via Paypal. I learned how to go about it on his site. It is 10 dollars.

It is an amazing design and the PDF is done really well. Super clear and bright and well executed. It looks like this character just jumped out of the T.V. I learned some new techniques that I will be applying and using for other things.

I decided to turn it into a centerpiece. I channeled Dylan Gelinas as I liked a fish centerpiece he had done and I wanted to see what the bottom would look like in person. I changed some of the colors.

Instead of a white balloon stick though I used a clear pole with base.

Here are the pictures of my replication. My daughter just loved this!







343rd Balloon Sculpture, Charmander


I saw a picture of a Charmander made by Dylan Gelinas and I sought to see if I could figure it out just by looking at it.

I actually think I did a pretty good job with the exception of the eyes,lol. I remember now that you should do the white part first and then add your colors, he should have had some blue in there and then the black. Mine has a ghost look. The haunted ghost of Charmander!

I also added a balloon flame rather than a picture of a flame on my mine.

It was really cool because my daughter was pretending to be a Pokémon trainer and she added this with her Pikachu on her make believe adventures,lol.

I love the rounds for the bottom legs idea and how the belly is done and the head approach I have seen from Nifty Balloons and I have always thought that was an ingenious use of hearts. I went through several iterations before I made this. Something I am learning from trying to figure things out on my own is that Occam’s Razor seems to apply very often.

Occam’s Razor states that the simplest answer is usually the right answer.  “It states that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Other, more complicated solutions may ultimately prove correct, but—in the absence of certainty—the fewer assumptions that are made, the better.” Quoting from Wikipedia.

One can easily over think things when problem solving for designs and I have found if I say to myself, there is probably a simpler way to go about this and then simplify my approach- it usually ends up looking how I want it to.

balloon 022







342nd Balloon Sculpture, Pikachu


My daughter has been watching a lot of Pokémon lately and I couldn’t help but of course be sucked into watching it as well. I know I am a tad late to the whole craze but better late then never eh?

It is an awesome show! I like it just as much as she does,lol.

Of course Pikachu is unbelievably adorable and I just had to make a balloon version of him.

I learned how to make a Pikachu thanks to a balloon artist named Nao Osaka and I added some little touches to multiply the cuteness even more.

I made it for my daughter and she just loves it! I love it too,lol. This was a figure for me just as much as for her,lol.

Below is my replication and modified version.

balloon 031



341st Balloon Sculpture, Pomeranian


I made this balloon Pomeranian for a client not too long ago.

I used a round balloon for the head to give a feeling of poofiness as Pomeranians are more poof then skull,lol.

This came from a result of just pure experimentation.

It made for balloon happiness for both me and the client. There is something disgustingly cute about the face that just gets me every time I look at it,lol.

I am a huge dog person and I will never understand how anyone could not love a dog,lol. How is that even possible? Do you not like love and sweetness and happiness and rainbows? I see vulnerability issues there man,lol. Break down those walls around your heart and let the good in man- don’t be scared of love man,lol. Get a dog.

balloon 024


336th, 337th, 338th, 339nth, and 340th Balloon Sculptures, Wedding: Arch, Columns, Hearts, Heart Centerpieces and Topiaries.


Yesterday I had the honor and privilege of making balloon decorations for a wedding.

This was my very first wedding job. I am very lucky that my first job was working for such a dear of a bride, who could not have been further away from the dreaded Bridezilla. I am so grateful and honored that she put her trust in me to provide her with décor for such a special life event and I took it as seriously as a heart attack.

I worked alone, no team. I was highly organized and prepared and because of that I was able to make and set up everything in time. I made the columns, arch and centerpieces on site. I premade the huge hearts but dressed them with tool and flowers when I got on site and had to hang them up using a hanging system that was totally new to me. Because of the being squished in the cars, my husband and I each had one in our car- there were pops I had to fix and adjusting that needed to be made. There were two main rooms and I put a heart on each side. It looked especially nice because each room was filled with chairs and people who were to watch the wedding in the foyer. There was a heart representing the bride and another the groom, and so there was a heart for a bride side and a groom side- even though they didn’t really segregate their guests that way.

I had to have everything up and ready in a 3 1/2 hrs time window with the exception of the centerpieces, those I made while the ceremony was going on. When I say 3 1/2 hrs, that is counting unloading everything from my and my husband’s car and cleaning up everything and taking some pictures.

I actually went to my car to blow up the balloons for the centerpieces so as to not disturb the ceremony should there be popping,lol. I also made some topiaries for the outside entrance making a total of 11 centerpiece arrangements, those were made at the same time as the arch. This was my first wedding job. Thankfully I had plenty of tulle and flowers to use and I am very pleased with how everything turned out. I felt so in the zone, I was in epic flow, this is me running free in my bliss.

I was inspired by pictures I had seen of columns and matching arch on I forget where, I think either Google or Pinterest and made my own versions.

I was inspired by ШАРОВЕДАВ for the hearts in that he uses different sizes to achieve a nice effect. I already had bigger heart frames made and so couldn’t go by his measurements and had to make my own adjustments. I did take from him the idea of using different sized balloons and also the spiraling effect of using two colors.

Link to his tutorial here,

Pictures of my work below. This was truly a labor of love and I cannot adequately express how much joy and sense of accomplishment I felt during and continue to feel. This job was such a blessing to me.

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Here is a picture of the wedding table being in front of arch and Kris Clinton Jones, one of the operators of the Heritage House modeling with arch.

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