334th Balloon Sculpture, Arch for Chick-fil-A take 2


I was hired to make another arch for a local Chick-fil-A, only this time with green and white colors as requested. They were celebrating their new grilled chicken sandwich. I have tried it and it is awesome! It is actually my new favorite thing there.

I decided to make it a little taller this time and they took down an advertisement flag that was in the way so that was nice. I also made sure to have the middle balloon match up to the middle line in the doors.

I had to take a quick picture with my stuff still in the shot to the side as it was becoming lunch time and getting a moment to take the picture without people in line was a very short almost nonexistent window,lol.



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  1. Looks great! I know I’m terrible, but Every time you mention that you did balloons for C.F. I keep expecting to see a balloon sculpture of two men in wedding dresses holding hands with a giant red circle around them with a line through it LOL. I can only pray that one day I will have the skill set to create the bizarre comical balloon sculptures I see in my mind. The arch looks great but I preferred the red/white color scheme.

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