New Website!


I am excited to announce that I now have a website!

It was designed by a friend of mine named Michael Pratt of Leviathan Multimedia.

He designed me a logo with my new tagline “Making joy out of thin air!” I am a bit proud for coming up with that tagline. 🙂

I think he did a fantastic job! I had no idea what I wanted as far as logo, I just said that I wanted elegant and whimsical. He also asked me what my favorite colors were and I told him oranges and blues. I also told him how much I loved the art deco look and love how I have a Great Gatsby thing going on with my logo.  When he showed me what he came up with- a 1920’s elegant woman walking a balloon dog- I couldn’t have squealed more in Pinkie Pie style excitement! I used to own several cloche hats and loved wearing them, which is what she is wearing. They were my favorite hats of which I wore often. They were unfortunately destroyed by a natural disaster. He had no idea about that either. He just totally got me.

I sent him a bunch of my photos and I was pleasantly surprised to see what he did with them. It was a surprise to see what he picked to go where. I love how he has my Dalek balloon costume telling folks which organizations I have worked for and I love how on the gallery page- he says “click to inflate” to encourage people to see the full picture when they click on the thumbnail.

There is even a balloon dog next to my web address in the web bar!

We did a lot of back and forth emailing and he was awesome to work with and very patient and just couldn’t be more pleasant. He showed me all kinds of website looks and approaches and I told him what I liked and what I wanted and he totally nailed it.

I am truly blessed as I never thought in a million years I would have a website and certainly nothing as cool as the one he tailor made for me.

This is what my business cards look like now and this is the logo he designed for me. My business cards are more square of course and the sun isn’t on it but everything else is the same.  My info is on the back of my cards. This is the logo also used on my website. This is my logo! I can’t get over the fact that I have a logo!

Mike, thank you again so very much for all of your brilliant hard work on this. You have blown me away.








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  1. The website looks fantastic, and that logo is just adorable! I will be frank: I hate balloon puns! However, I have to say that you probably picked the one balloon pun that sounds really clever and not overused at all for your tagline. The main bakground color took some adjusting to but it definitely is memorable and makes your site stand out; I REMEMBERED the background color after the first time I looked at the site. It stuck in my head. The gallery is beautiful and full of all your amazing pictures, and I can honestly say I genuinely love your new website, and you know I am one person who will be brutally honest to the end. Oh yes, and it looks super professional too!

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