328th Balloon Sculpture, Under the Sea Giant Picture Frame.


I have always wanted to have an Under the Sea themed something. I have come across people making giant picture frames out of balloons online and just thought hey- I need to practice that! I decided to make an Under the Sea themed giant picture frame. I see this as great for photo ops and making for an exciting experience for people at an event as well as taking an awesome memory momento, being the picture of them with it, home with them.

I decided on using 3 colors for the frame instead of the one or two that I typically see. I have seen one do 3 colors but their swirling was not the same style. I have seen squared arches with this kind of swirling but not a picture frame. To my knowledge I am the first to make an aquatic themed picture frame.

The Mermaid parody is my twist and version of a picture of one I had seen Mr Boma make and the crab is based off of one I had seen out of memory but again put my own twist on. I made a Holly Hopper sea horse, a Mr. Boma: turtle, clown fish and Flounder parody as well as a Felix Yoldi octopus and Dylan Gelinas style clams. I drew the face on the mermaid myself, no stickers.

I sized it to fit perfectly in my little dinet area in my kitchen,lol. My friend Lisa told me that I need to get a bigger house,lol.

My daughter modeling in pictures below 🙂

ballon 1


ballon 2


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