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334th Balloon Sculpture, Arch for Chick-fil-A take 2


I was hired to make another arch for a local Chick-fil-A, only this time with green and white colors as requested. They were celebrating their new grilled chicken sandwich. I have tried it and it is awesome! It is actually my new favorite thing there.

I decided to make it a little taller this time and they took down an advertisement flag that was in the way so that was nice. I also made sure to have the middle balloon match up to the middle line in the doors.

I had to take a quick picture with my stuff still in the shot to the side as it was becoming lunch time and getting a moment to take the picture without people in line was a very short almost nonexistent window,lol.


333rd Balloon Sculpture, Castle Columns


I was recently hired to make some castle columns by a client who saw a picture of some on Pinterest,

I made the cones on the top as well as the balloon work. She was in charge of flags and the stone paper but forgot the paper for the event and she got there too late to apply flags. Because the event was held at a place with stone floors, it still worked,lol. She really didn’t need the stone paper so much,lol. I feel like the flags would have been a nice addition but I still think it works quite nice without them. Next time I will just make sure I am in charge of all the details as life just happens and people throwing an event are simply too busy to remember everything. They have sooo much to bring in and carry and transport for the party themselves that I can totally understand forgetting.

Making the cones wide enough took a lot of practice and problem solving. Luckily I am married to a math instructor! After much trial and error I ended up asking him for help and he completely used math to save the day! STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS!  MATH IS POWER! 🙂

I used robin’s egg and light blue but next time I think I will use a darker blue for the top and bottom contrast color. In person the robin’s egg stood out pretty well but in pictures they are not as striking. It is very subtle, which is a pretty look even and of itself.

I made chains streaming down to the bottom and secured with weighted water balloons.

Below are pictures of my work.

pic to post on blog

pic to post on blog 2

pic to post on blog 3








New Website!


I am excited to announce that I now have a website!

It was designed by a friend of mine named Michael Pratt of Leviathan Multimedia.

He designed me a logo with my new tagline “Making joy out of thin air!” I am a bit proud for coming up with that tagline. 🙂

I think he did a fantastic job! I had no idea what I wanted as far as logo, I just said that I wanted elegant and whimsical. He also asked me what my favorite colors were and I told him oranges and blues. I also told him how much I loved the art deco look and love how I have a Great Gatsby thing going on with my logo.  When he showed me what he came up with- a 1920’s elegant woman walking a balloon dog- I couldn’t have squealed more in Pinkie Pie style excitement! I used to own several cloche hats and loved wearing them, which is what she is wearing. They were my favorite hats of which I wore often. They were unfortunately destroyed by a natural disaster. He had no idea about that either. He just totally got me.

I sent him a bunch of my photos and I was pleasantly surprised to see what he did with them. It was a surprise to see what he picked to go where. I love how he has my Dalek balloon costume telling folks which organizations I have worked for and I love how on the gallery page- he says “click to inflate” to encourage people to see the full picture when they click on the thumbnail.

There is even a balloon dog next to my web address in the web bar!

We did a lot of back and forth emailing and he was awesome to work with and very patient and just couldn’t be more pleasant. He showed me all kinds of website looks and approaches and I told him what I liked and what I wanted and he totally nailed it.

I am truly blessed as I never thought in a million years I would have a website and certainly nothing as cool as the one he tailor made for me.

This is what my business cards look like now and this is the logo he designed for me. My business cards are more square of course and the sun isn’t on it but everything else is the same.  My info is on the back of my cards. This is the logo also used on my website. This is my logo! I can’t get over the fact that I have a logo!

Mike, thank you again so very much for all of your brilliant hard work on this. You have blown me away.







329nth, 330th, 331st and 332nd Balloon Sculptures: Oompa Loompa, Wonka Arch, Wonka Centerpieces, and Column.


Man was this a learning experience. I have never done decorations on this kind of scale before and this was my first full décor job. The color scheme was gold, green and purple.

I didn’t have as much time as I had thought that I would to work on it and there were things that went wrong- but luckily I had back up plans and was prepared and I did very well under pressure. I think I did especially well when you consider that I did all the balloon work single handedly.

I made a 25ft wide squared arch with WONKA gold mylar letters on it. It was originally planned to be in a different area and then was requested to be on the dance floor. It is about 10 to 12 ft tall not counting the mylar letters. They are about 14 to 16 ft tall with the letters.

No helium was used either. I had to build the underlying structure myself. I have become pretty handy with tools and hardware out of necessity for this career and passion venture.

FYI, helium is actually running out and gas companies won’t even sell me a tank. It is a finite resource and it is running out all over the world. It is an issue that strikes balloon artists and we are all having to adapt.

One of the ways to adapt is to use clear poles to make centerpieces. The clear pole gives the feeling of floating.

I designed and made these centerpieces to go with the dance. They wanted whimsical. I decided to put a little hat on the top of the gold balloon to give that Wonka feel. I made 10 centerpieces total.

I made and designed an Oompa Loompa using a face technique I learned from Phileas Flash. He has a dvd called “The Face of Things To Come” that I learned the facial structure from, you can purchase it for $40 dollars plus shipping on his website, He is such a character and is one of the coolest most talented people in the world! Tons of personality and flair which I really appreciate seeing in people.

Now the columns were much bigger than I had ever messed with before, and time was running out when I got to them. I didn’t have time to put hats on them and bow ties. I also couldn’t find my pipe cutters and so was not able to get things measured out the way that I wanted. It is hard to explain but basically what ended up happening is the swirls were not able to be sized the same on the top as they were the bottom. This is because the top swirls needed to be longer in order to get me the coverage I needed, it was simply too late to go back and redesign. I would have perfected the columns if I had had more time. The sheer size of them made things tricky as well. They came out to be about 12 to 13 ft tall. I made two columns but because of time rush- was not able to get but one decent picture.

I feel like I learned so much and grew so much with this experience.

Pictures of my work for the event below. 🙂


Arch without letters on it,







328th Balloon Sculpture, Under the Sea Giant Picture Frame.


I have always wanted to have an Under the Sea themed something. I have come across people making giant picture frames out of balloons online and just thought hey- I need to practice that! I decided to make an Under the Sea themed giant picture frame. I see this as great for photo ops and making for an exciting experience for people at an event as well as taking an awesome memory momento, being the picture of them with it, home with them.

I decided on using 3 colors for the frame instead of the one or two that I typically see. I have seen one do 3 colors but their swirling was not the same style. I have seen squared arches with this kind of swirling but not a picture frame. To my knowledge I am the first to make an aquatic themed picture frame.

The Mermaid parody is my twist and version of a picture of one I had seen Mr Boma make and the crab is based off of one I had seen out of memory but again put my own twist on. I made a Holly Hopper sea horse, a Mr. Boma: turtle, clown fish and Flounder parody as well as a Felix Yoldi octopus and Dylan Gelinas style clams. I drew the face on the mermaid myself, no stickers.

I sized it to fit perfectly in my little dinet area in my kitchen,lol. My friend Lisa told me that I need to get a bigger house,lol.

My daughter modeling in pictures below 🙂

ballon 1


ballon 2

327nth Balloon Sculpture, Arch for Chick-fil-A


A local Chick-fil-A was celebrating its one year anniversary and so they hired me and requested that I make them an arch for the occasion.

Here is a red and white swirled arch with swirls coming together in the middle.

My daughter modeling in picture below.




326th Balloon Sculpture, Pebbles Flintstone Themed Number 2


I made this Pebbles Flintstone themed number 2.

I made a latticed weaved number 2, which is a Niko Fric style, in the colors of the rug that Pebbles is usually seen playing on and I used a flat weave to make her shirt.

I drew the face on myself and was very pleased with how it came out as I am trying to make an effort to draw well on balloons. I slipped when drawing on the mouth and so had to make the mouth bigger than I anticipated. I added some flowers and fun polka dot balloons for the base.

I used these two picture as a reference and came up with the design.


Below is what I came up with as a result.


balloon 039

balloon 018

balloon 014