321st Balloon Sculpture, Giant Wine Bottle


I was recently hired to make a 6 ft. tall, not even counting the bubbles, balloon wine bottle with Happy Birthday Sean in balloon letters on it.

I took my experience making Dalek balloon costumes and applied it to this project. I had to make it in 3 separate sections to be attached on site in order to deliver the piece. The bubbles I made on site as well.

Of course I took inspiration from Brian Asman from the Unpoppables, specifically episode 3.  He made a giant wine bottle in that episode though he used 646’s. I went with 350’s and 260’s as I needed the pieces to fit inside my car for assembly. He doesn’t teach you how to make it in the episode, but it is useful for inspiration.

Pictures of my work below.

balloon 013

balloon 011

balloon 025




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    • Thank you so much Sage! Weaving takes a good amount of balloons and time so I try not to do it just for research purposes and try to hold it off for paying jobs,lol. I am glad you are liking the pictures too. 🙂

  1. You did a great job! This is definitely your biggest woven sculpt to date. There is a video of a guy who did a twenty foot basketball player out of balloons on youtube, so I had been wondering why you hadn’t really revisited large woven sculptures, so it is cool to see this one!

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