319nth Balloon Sculpture, Giant Muffin


I made a giant muffin for my daughter’s school’s Muffins for Mom’s event.

I decided to alter a cupcake design by CBA Dante Longhi from NJ and adapt it to be a banana nut muffin as it were with a mommy and son monkey as the topper rather than a cherry.  Dante has a shop on ETSY named BalloonProjectShop where one can learn his wonderful designs. He is from Brazil and is a genius!  https://www.etsy.com/shop/BalloonProjectShop.

This whole piece, monkeys and etc. included, used somewhere between 350 to 400 balloons total. This was my first time really using a duplet style technique of this nature.  I found that I really love making sculptures with round balloons. The only problem is that they require a ton of balloons,lol. Round balloon sculptures last longer and it just makes for a different aesthetic feel.

For the monkeys- I decided to just play around and I kind of combined Lily Tan’s style monkeys with Sam Cremeens style monkey. I made a mom in balloon letters and some banana bunches.

It was a huge hit and lots of mommies took their pictures with their daughters with it.








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