316nth Balloon Sculpture, Chick-fil-A Daddy and Daughter Cows


I was recently hired by Chick-fil-A for their Daddy Daughter Date Night event.

They wanted a daddy and daughter cow display, with a specific request for the daughter cow to be wearing a tiara.

I took my jumbo and mask making experience thanks to what I learned from Nifty Balloons and I also took inspiration from a balloon artist named Justin Reams for the cow head style as he had made a black and white cow mask. Trivia note, the Chick-fil-A cows are the Holstein Friesians type breed.

I came up with the below display. I decided to mix red polka dot balloons with white balloons and drew on the cow print myself. I also got to try out making the Altea style rose (designed by Antonio Bécares Rodríguez) both for the little girl cow and for the little girls at the event. That post to come later.

My husband was impressed with how I had the daddy cow looking down and the little girl cow looking up, thereby perspectively looking at the same thing. I really think that was my Empathy talent coming into play there.

Fathers and daughters took their pictures with the cow display. I made balloons for the kiddos and had a lot of fun. It was a huge hit and I look forward to working with them again.

Here is what people saw as they made their way tot he entrance. 🙂

balloon display1


display 4

balloon display 6






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