Must Have Balloon Artist Fashion


A good friend of mine got me an awesome t-shirt for my birthday earlier this year. She found it from a website called Zazzle. I was astounded! I simply love love love this shirt.

Below is a link to what she got me, it is titled Balloon Theory. It has a balloon Einstein on it with a formula for making people happy with balloons.

I have slowly acquired a few after Christmas and such. I will share with you ones that I now have that are my favorites.

My ultimate favorite, this one has God handing Adam a balloon dog, Sistene Chapel style.

This is another great one that I just love. It says Eat, Sleep, Twist with corresponding pictures under the text.

This is a great one that says, “Got Balloons?” with a big balloon dog on it.

And how can a gal not have a t-shirt that says, Keep Calm and Carry Balloons.

Here is one that I do not have yet but will have on my gift wish list for my husband for our 12th anniversary,lol.

It has written on it, You’ve Got To Follow Your Balloon with a floating red balloon.

There are many more shirts, these were just my favorite. It can require a lot of searching. A lot comes up for Balloon Art T-shirt and balloon artist t-shirt. I spent several hours finding and hunting down the ones I put links to here.

Michael Floyd of Balloon Animals gets the t-shirt that he wears for his tutorials there. It is called Super Balloon Twisting.


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  1. The only problem with specific hobby shirts such as a specific breed of dog or balloons or etc. is that certain esoteric hobbies will alienate a lot of people and most folks won’t find the shirt humorous. However, it also can be a great way to advertise your hobby and job and get folks to ask you about it. I’m torn on the shirt idea for myself, but women could probably get away with wearing these better than men. I just go all out and walk around with big freakin woven balloon hats. People will stop you on the street and ask for your card that way lol! Very cute shirts, thanks for another great post!

    • I have found that people really love these shirts. It is just fun to wear. This is just about wearing clothes that express yourself. I don’t think of it as uniform or marketing really, I just enjoy wearing them. 🙂 Also I think it is great to let people know that I am properly obsessed with my artistic medium,lol. It adds to people’s confidence and legitimizes your eccentric artist nobility. 🙂

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