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321st Balloon Sculpture, Giant Wine Bottle


I was recently hired to make a 6 ft. tall, not even counting the bubbles, balloon wine bottle with Happy Birthday Sean in balloon letters on it.

I took my experience making Dalek balloon costumes and applied it to this project. I had to make it in 3 separate sections to be attached on site in order to deliver the piece. The bubbles I made on site as well.

Of course I took inspiration from Brian Asman from the Unpoppables, specifically episode 3.  He made a giant wine bottle in that episode though he used 646’s. I went with 350’s and 260’s as I needed the pieces to fit inside my car for assembly. He doesn’t teach you how to make it in the episode, but it is useful for inspiration.

Pictures of my work below.

balloon 013

balloon 011

balloon 025



320th Balloon Sculpture, Pregnant Dog


My awesome buddy the Balloon Sage has a great tutorial out for how to make a pregnant dog.

Warning!  Making these are addicting!

I am pretty sure there are secret 12 step groups just for people who are too fascinated with making these things.

It is just so cool- and I am always surprised when I manage to make one,lol.

Here is a link to his tutorial,

He makes one first and then walks you through it as he makes it a second time.

Pictures of my replication below.

balloon 017



319nth Balloon Sculpture, Giant Muffin


I made a giant muffin for my daughter’s school’s Muffins for Mom’s event.

I decided to alter a cupcake design by CBA Dante Longhi from NJ and adapt it to be a banana nut muffin as it were with a mommy and son monkey as the topper rather than a cherry.  Dante has a shop on ETSY named BalloonProjectShop where one can learn his wonderful designs. He is from Brazil and is a genius!

This whole piece, monkeys and etc. included, used somewhere between 350 to 400 balloons total. This was my first time really using a duplet style technique of this nature.  I found that I really love making sculptures with round balloons. The only problem is that they require a ton of balloons,lol. Round balloon sculptures last longer and it just makes for a different aesthetic feel.

For the monkeys- I decided to just play around and I kind of combined Lily Tan’s style monkeys with Sam Cremeens style monkey. I made a mom in balloon letters and some banana bunches.

It was a huge hit and lots of mommies took their pictures with their daughters with it.







318nth Balloon Sculpture, Cupid In the Clouds Giant Heart


I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day yesterday!

Valentine’s Day is extra special to me because my husband proposed to me on V-day 12 years ago. 🙂

I wanted to make something special for my husband and daughter and so I decided to try out this lattice style heart design.

I came across and really love ШАРОВЕДАВ which when I put it in Google translate came out to SHAROVEDAV. It is a Belarusian language.

The language refers to Belarus, or “officially the Republic of Belarus, which is a country in Eastern Europe[5] bordered by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest. Its capital is Minsk.”

Quoting from Wikipedia=

How neat that balloons can educate and introduce people to whole new countries and peoples!? Through my own ignorance, I had never before heard of his country or of this language.

I really love his work and will be replicating and reviewing a lot of his designs.

He has a YouTube tutorial for how to make this lattice style heart,

I decided I wanted to make a little scene using this lattice heart as the backdrop. I made a cupid in the clouds aiming his love arrow. I also made another cloud bundle with some hearts just to add some balance.

I made my heart bigger by altering the number of squares I made for this heart. I added somewhere between 6 to 10 more squares.

Here is what I came up with as a result.

balloon 030

balloon 009

balloon 011

balloon 002

317nth Balloon Sculpture, Sage Alien


My awesome friend the Balloon Sage has made a great alien holding a laser gun tutorial.

Sage is a character and is just a very likable guy. He does a great job explaining and goes at a very considerate learning pace for viewers.

This is a great design and is a much needed addition to my inventory for choices for boys for line work and birthday parties.

Yet I still made a girl alien at the request of my daughter,lol.

Below is my replication. Note- I kept popping my silver balloons and realized that chunky sparkly nail polish is not so good for balloon twisting and especially tulip twists,lol.

hand over men

balloon 008


316nth Balloon Sculpture, Chick-fil-A Daddy and Daughter Cows


I was recently hired by Chick-fil-A for their Daddy Daughter Date Night event.

They wanted a daddy and daughter cow display, with a specific request for the daughter cow to be wearing a tiara.

I took my jumbo and mask making experience thanks to what I learned from Nifty Balloons and I also took inspiration from a balloon artist named Justin Reams for the cow head style as he had made a black and white cow mask. Trivia note, the Chick-fil-A cows are the Holstein Friesians type breed.

I came up with the below display. I decided to mix red polka dot balloons with white balloons and drew on the cow print myself. I also got to try out making the Altea style rose (designed by Antonio Bécares Rodríguez) both for the little girl cow and for the little girls at the event. That post to come later.

My husband was impressed with how I had the daddy cow looking down and the little girl cow looking up, thereby perspectively looking at the same thing. I really think that was my Empathy talent coming into play there.

Fathers and daughters took their pictures with the cow display. I made balloons for the kiddos and had a lot of fun. It was a huge hit and I look forward to working with them again.

Here is what people saw as they made their way tot he entrance. 🙂

balloon display1


display 4

balloon display 6





Must Have Balloon Artist Fashion


A good friend of mine got me an awesome t-shirt for my birthday earlier this year. She found it from a website called Zazzle. I was astounded! I simply love love love this shirt.

Below is a link to what she got me, it is titled Balloon Theory. It has a balloon Einstein on it with a formula for making people happy with balloons.

I have slowly acquired a few after Christmas and such. I will share with you ones that I now have that are my favorites.

My ultimate favorite, this one has God handing Adam a balloon dog, Sistene Chapel style.

This is another great one that I just love. It says Eat, Sleep, Twist with corresponding pictures under the text.

This is a great one that says, “Got Balloons?” with a big balloon dog on it.

And how can a gal not have a t-shirt that says, Keep Calm and Carry Balloons.

Here is one that I do not have yet but will have on my gift wish list for my husband for our 12th anniversary,lol.

It has written on it, You’ve Got To Follow Your Balloon with a floating red balloon.

There are many more shirts, these were just my favorite. It can require a lot of searching. A lot comes up for Balloon Art T-shirt and balloon artist t-shirt. I spent several hours finding and hunting down the ones I put links to here.

Michael Floyd of Balloon Animals gets the t-shirt that he wears for his tutorials there. It is called Super Balloon Twisting.