312th Balloon Sculpture, Blossoming Romance


I am wanting to shift more towards decor and get some practice with designs geared more towards weddings, banquets, and likewise events.

I altered a design available through the QBN website, I can’t remember if one needs to be a QBN member or not to access it. It is titled Blossoming Romance.

This design was meant to have clear heart balloons with round balloons inside. I did not have enough of those on hand and used what I had. It was designed by Jodie White, a CBA from the U.K.

I also altered the size of the balloons on the bottom by making them bigger and used different colors. My heart balloons are differently sized simply because I did not have any 15 inch but rather 12 inch. The original design called for wild berry and jewel magenta and I went with a more yellow and gold theme. I double stuffed the gold and the yellow balloons with white balloons to achieve the slight color nuances that I wanted.

This design also calls for helium and I have yet to have my own helium tank and experiment with it and so I instead used fishing line to hang it, it is totally invisible. Luckily I had ribbon and a little bit of tulle and a rather nice bow left over from a Christmas present.

You will notice that I am starting to mess with having a background for pictures. This is a very rough set up and I plan on improving it. This was good for getting an idea of what I need to do.

So here you go folks, it came out rather beautifully I think and is a fabulous design.

My daughter modeling below with arrangement.



balloon 048



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  1. Your color theory is spot on with this as well. I feel like this balloon is channeling the spirit of the sun, almost as if I am looking at both a flower and a star at once. Yeah, you really achieved something here I’d say. Also I have your blog ad written into all four of my current scripts haha so I won’t mess up this time

    • Thank you! Color coordination and combination has always been very important to me. I really appreciate all your compliments, they have hit to the core things that are important to me. Thank you. 🙂

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