308th Balloon Sculpture, Flower Bouquet Mania


Earth Fare wanted some bouquets for giveaways during a Simply Well event they had.

I decided to play around with flower combinations and colors with Ken Stillman’s Flower Bouquet design.

I made 3 bouquets for Earth Fare and also another bouquet for a friend of mine who is recovering from a nasty cold.

I made a bouquet with pink roses, a bouquet with purple daisies and irises, and a bouquet with yellow and white daisies for Earth Fare and  an all purple daisy bouquet for my friend. (Links highlighted are YouTube video tutorials by Yonaimy. Note, I just made two pinch twists for my roses but I like the three better. )

I played around with placement and I didn’t have plates on the bottom for the most part but then added some towards the end as I realized that would aid in transportation. I also added my business cards to them in a pretty way. Next time I will have black shiny plates like Ken uses.

They were a huge hit with everyone! It was interesting to see that the bouquets faired evenly as far as people’s favorites. My friend absolutely loved hers too!

Pictures of my bouquets that I made below.

balloon 046

balloon 030

balloon 016

balloon 054

balloon 052

For my friend,

balloon 013



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