305th Balloon Sculpture, Derek Wong’s Spiderman

305th Balloon Sculpture, Derek Wong’s Spiderman

I was totally wowed when I saw Derek Wong’s of Twisted Inflations Spiderman. I just thought it was really cool how he was hanging upside down and had so many muscle details. I said to myself, I need to make that,lol.

The chest part was pretty tricky. I just had a picture to go by, thank goodness Derek takes pretty professional pictures too. You can see very clearly.

I am guessing he used some Ken Stillman type techniques for the chest, or at least something very similar, I know I have seen a very similar style made by others that credit Ken Stillman. I have not invested yet in any Ken Stillman tutorials but I will later this year.

I am sure there is an easier way to go about it than the way I did it, or maybe not- who knows,lol. That will be neat to see, how far or close I was.

I did the webbed rope he is hanging from differently, my arms don’t lay flat against the body and I don’t have the thighs as horizontal as Derek but all in all I would say this is a pretty decent first draft.

Picture of Derek’s,


Pictures of my replication below. Man I need to repaint my door! LOL! 

balloon 011

Uh oh, my daughter looks like she is developing a crush on Spiderman.


Hey young lady, no Kirsten Dunst style kisses until you are 35!


balloon 012


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  1. Hi I just want to ask do you have any tutorial for the spiderman balloon hanging from the door?? My sons birthday is this weekend he would be so happy 🙂

  2. Yeah just tighten that web and make the pose more perfect, otherwise awesome! I am being hyper-critical because, I agree, this is the most amazing Spider-man I have seen and Wong’s balloon art is, shall we say, on a level where subconsciously I understand that I am looking at an actual piece of art when I look at his pic of his Spidey. You copied the design better than I could have ever hoped to, but it is just those subtle details like the EXACT pose Wong put him in that elevate his art in my eyes. Loving all your Spider-man posts !

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