304th Ballon Sculpture, Balloon Spiderman for Birthday Parties


In my previous post, I shared my friend Balloon Sage’s quick Spiderman that is great when you are doing line work and have a ton of kids to make balloons for.

This time I am going to cover a more deluxe Spiderman made by Unicaw  a.k.a. Cody Williams.

His has more detail and would be something I would make for little boys or girls at a birthday party. Link to YouTube tutorial here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgGIil79tjc

I ran out of red 5 inch rounds and so just made a mock head using a 260. The ideal would be to use a 5 inch round with a pre-drawn Spiderman head. I think I might have made the top pecks a little too big and will play around more with proportions. I also left out the clear 160 spiral added touch to be wedding shooting out of his hand. I just connected him to the string on my blinds to get webbing feel across,lol.

I am on a bit of a Spiderman kick right now and tomorrow I will share my replication of what I consider to be the coolest balloon Spiderman yet, I replicated Derek Wong’s of Twisted Inflations Spiderman design where he is hanging upside down.

So until then True Believers, here are pictures of my replication of Unicaw’s design.

balloon 010



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    • Yes, I love her work and have a list of things I am going to review of hers. I thought I already made one post do far of her work, I can’t remember what it was.

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