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314nth Balloon Sculpture, Giant Hearts Intertwined


I saw on Pinterest these 2 hearts intertwined and just love love loved it!

I decided to give it a try.

I was inspired by the color combos made by a balloon artist named Irina Lobanova. She is amazing. I placed my flowers a bit differently and my hearts are side by side.

Below is what I made today. The hearts came out as long as my couch and took up my whole wall where my couch was. It was the only place I could hang it up and take pictures. I used somewhere between 300 to 350 balloons to make this. I experimented with different camera settings.

My daughter modeling below. She really loves this piece. She is such a kosher ham,lol. ūüôā

balloon 015

balloon 017

balloon 009

balloon 068

balloon 016






313nth Balloon Sculpture, Wedding Centerpiece


I have been playing around with trying to come up with a centerpiece to go with the Blossoming Romance design, see previous post.

I have just a couple clear 15 inch heart balloons and wanted to play around with a gumball design. Gumball is referring to putting balloons inside of a big balloon.

I played around with all kinds of combinations.

Which do you like best?

I think it would be cool to have the blossom hanging from the ceiling and or high on a high wall and then these for centerpieces for tables.

Pictures of what I came up with below.

My personal favorite directly below this statement.

balloon 031

balloon 058


balloon 042



312th Balloon Sculpture, Blossoming Romance


I am wanting to shift more towards decor and get some practice with designs geared more towards weddings, banquets, and likewise events.

I altered a design available through the QBN website, I can’t remember if one needs to be a QBN member or not to access it. It is titled Blossoming Romance.

This design was meant to have clear heart balloons with round balloons inside. I did not have enough of those on hand and used what I had. It was designed by Jodie White, a CBA from the U.K.

I also altered the size of the balloons on the bottom by making them bigger and used different colors. My heart balloons are differently sized simply because I did not have any 15 inch but rather 12 inch. The original design called for wild berry and jewel magenta and I went with a more yellow and gold theme. I double stuffed the gold and the yellow balloons with white balloons to achieve the slight color nuances that I wanted.

This design also calls for helium and I have yet to have my own helium tank and experiment with it and so I instead used fishing line to hang it, it is totally invisible. Luckily I had ribbon and a little bit of tulle and a rather nice bow left over from a Christmas present.

You will notice that I am starting to mess with having a background for pictures. This is a very rough set up and I plan on improving it. This was good for getting an idea of what I need to do.

So here you go folks, it came out rather beautifully I think and is a fabulous design.

My daughter modeling below with arrangement.



balloon 048


311nth Balloon Sculpture, Magic Mouse Number 3


I made Dylan Gelinas Magic Mouse, on top of a Niko Fric style 3. I added my own touches by making some newly come to life brooms, one carrying a pail of water and another climbing the 3. This arrangement is my design,

I decided to go with a primary color theme and I think everything worked really well together.

Pics below. I am finding some very interesting features on my camera and am playing around with the different modes,lol.

balloon 052

balloon 015


309nth and 310nth Balloon Sculptures, T-Rex and Giraffe Nifty Balloon Style



I am going back to the tutorials I have invested in and am going to strive to completely review and make all the items they have. I am also going to start making wedding and banquet designs as well.

One such tutorial bundle I need to complete is Nifty Balloon More Rounds and Hearts. It is $35.00. David Brenion of Nifty Balloons show you how to make the balloons and Shana Brenion, his wife, shows you how to draw on the faces.

I needed to make the horns on the Giraffe a bit smaller and the ears a little bigger but hey- that’s what practice is for!

Below are pictures of my replication.

balloon 063

I just found a cool setting on my camera!

balloon 047

balloon 029


308th Balloon Sculpture, Flower Bouquet Mania


Earth Fare wanted some bouquets for giveaways during a Simply Well event they had.

I decided to play around with flower combinations and colors¬†with Ken Stillman’s Flower Bouquet design.

I made 3 bouquets for Earth Fare and also another bouquet for a friend of mine who is recovering from a nasty cold.

I made a bouquet with pink roses, a bouquet with purple daisies and irises, and a bouquet with yellow and white daisies for Earth Fare and  an all purple daisy bouquet for my friend. (Links highlighted are YouTube video tutorials by Yonaimy. Note, I just made two pinch twists for my roses but I like the three better. )

I played around with placement and¬†I didn’t have plates on the bottom for the most part but then added some towards the end as I realized that would aid in transportation. I also added my business cards to them in a pretty way. Next time I will have black shiny plates like Ken uses.

They were a huge hit with everyone! It was interesting to see that the bouquets faired evenly as far as people’s favorites. My friend absolutely loved hers too!

Pictures of my bouquets that I made below.

balloon 046

balloon 030

balloon 016

balloon 054

balloon 052

For my friend,

balloon 013


307nth Balloon Sculpture, Ken Stillman Flower Bouquet and My First News Article


I had come across Ken Stillman’s YouTube tutorial for a beautiful balloon flower bouquet a while ago and just now got to it,lol.

He has lot of balloon tutorials out there but this was my first time watching and learning from one. I plan on investing in some to pay for tutorials and or DVD’s he has made sometime this year. Link to his YouTube tutorial for flower bouquet,

It is just lovely. I made some modifications to it. I alternated between pink and rose colors rather than using just one color for the flowers and I made 9 stems rather then 7. I used neon balloons for bow and ribbon like trim on the bottom.

I may have used a bigger plate, I can’t remember the size he used in video but I have a feeling the one I used was bigger. I actually ended up taking it off anyhow,lol.

My bouquet turned out to be 34 inches tall.

I gave it to as awesome lady named Barb Storm who works at the MACC. She had some papers saved for me with an article about me winning the decorating contest and so when I went to get them,  I wanted to bring her something and she recently had a birthday afterall. She absolutely loved it! And I loved seeing my first news article about me, how exciting is that?

Picture of my bouquet replication and article


balloon 017

balloon 020