299nth and 300nth Balloon Sculptures, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie


I was greatly inspired by Michael Floyd’s a.k.a. Balloon Animals video where he makes an awesome Pinkie Pie. He doesn’t walk you through how to make it, rather he just shows chopped clips of him making it. It is part of his Balloon ! Win ! Fail ! series where he sees if he can make a certain thing to people’s liking.


I loved it! He certainly won big time in my opinion. I was able to figure out how he made it just by looking at the video and I decided to make a huge version of it, 3 ft tall to be exact. I love the style of head especially.

I also made a Rainbow Dash since I had the balloons for it and a friend of mine named Jessi loves Rainbow Dash. I gave it to her as a Christmas present and I gave the Pinkie Pie to her daughter.

They loved it because if I do say so myself, THEY ARE AWESOME!

The great thing about the awesome way Michael does the head is that you can make any character you want. With the ride inside ponies you are limited to white, red and pink.

I can’t wait till I get some yellow 646’s so that I can make Fluttershy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are my favorites! I will be making them all for sure!

balloon 079

balloon 042

balloon 106


balloon 119

My daughter is sooo cute! She was sooo excited about these balloons, which she is so used to them now so that is a big deal.

balloon 129

balloon 130

My favorite Brony. 🙂 My husband says he is not a Brony, just a good dad,lol.

balloon 124




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  1. They’re beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

    My daughter is having a My Little Pony birthday theme. I would like to surprise her with these. How do you make rainbow dash please?

    • Greetings Arianne!
      I am afraid I am not very good with technical instruction. I can tell you that I used glue dots for the bangs to keep them in place. I used a 646 for the legs and 350’s for the head. I used 260’s for the hair. The wings I learned from a Japanese artist named Nao Osaka and I am not at liberty to give instruction on that. If you watch the Michael Floyd aka Balloon Animals video Win Lose Fail Pinkie Pie you will get an idea of how the head and body were constructed. I was inspired by the video and made a larger adapted piece to make the Rainbow Dash. I put a link to it on my post.

      Hope this is of some help to you. Happy Birthday to your daughter and I hope her day is wonderful and special. 🙂

  2. Wow. Living these ponies. So adorable! Dylan gel jabs would enpleased with your line work, in the technical artistry sense as opposed to the job description sense.

  3. Dang, rainbows are my favorite thing in the world especially regarding balloons. These ponies look great! Watch out for cloppers.

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