298th Balloon Sculpture, Chip and Dale Chipmunks


I came across Changsunny on Youtube and I can tell that I will be reviewing her a lot! She has some amazing designs!

I think her Chip and Dale chipmunks are particularly well done. link to her tutorial here= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbEUJ1tH3ak.

I added some Christmas hats on them and gave them to a friend of mine named Sondra. She is an entrepreneur too and owns a vintage clothing store called Collective Clothing, http://collective-clothing.com/about.html. She also opened a second store CC store recently. We had a lot of silly fun with them while doing lunch at a diner.

These Chipmunks actually don’t take took long to make and I made a few while making balloons a.k.a. line-work for kiddos last night while at Earth Fare. 🙂 I just slightly altered the ears by making them loop twists  and I made the hands with loop twists. I need to practice making the cheeks smaller,lol. I also need to practice drawing the eyes.

These are a huge hit with people, no matter how much drawing or cheek proportion practice you need,lol. The waitress at the diner me and Sondra were at said that we could leave the balloons as tip and she wouldn’t mind. Sondra still kept the balloons,lol. If I had balloons with me I would have made her one, and still left a money tip. 🙂


balloon 040

balloon 045

balloon 047

balloon 056

balloon 039


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