295th Sculpture, Arch Version 2 and Balloon Winter Wonderland


Okay so this time I am going to finish with the pictures of the whole room that I decorated. It is my largest project to date. This is a huge classroom that I decorated, simply huge!

I went over the Snowflakes, the Penguins, and the Snowman in previous posts.

Now it is time to go over the arch and see the room as a whole.

I made another red and white candy cane swirl arch but this time I made sure the swirls came together in the center. This brings the focus of the eye to the center. I also made a huge teddy bear using the lime green quick links that David Brenion gave to me when I won the Atlanta TJAM Whatever You Can Fit Through The Door Contest for my balloon Dalek costume. I also made another wheat weave wreath only altered how I decorated the top of it.

This time I had an electric pump to blow up all the round balloons. OMG it is like butter! The time it saves is just unreal.

I put some candy canes in with the bear and it just looked awesome.

Below are pictures and this time of the whole room. Hope you like the Balloon Winter Wonderland I made. 🙂 I made it for a contest and so it is all a donation and I am still waiting to hear on results! Ug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it all by myself in 2 two days. It was a ton of work. This was the happiest I have ever been making balloons. I really want to specialize in décor and eventually become a décor only business. I love filling up huge spaces with balloons. I love making super big things.

In the YouTube video, you will see that I originally was playing around with having Happy Holidays in balloon letters as the center detail under the arch but then I changed my mind and took it off and put the bear there.







I also made another Jumbo Santa and Christmas Tree.




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  1. I will be directing everyone to your blog in all of my videos. You really have the best balloon art resource for inspiration in the entire world!

      • OMG WE NEED TO TALK! tHough my projects pale in comparison to your lofty and exquisite artistic achievements, I do want you I know that I will be puttin large amounts of time into constructing quite a few tutorials this month. If you get this message anytime soon please call I don’t have ur number!

      • I cannot wait to see what wonderful creations you will have to share! I know they will be awesome, because you sir, are AWESOME!

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