294th Balloon Sculpture, 7ft Tall Balloon Snowman


Another element in my Balloon Winter Wonderland room décor I made recently, more to come on that later, was a 7ft. tall balloon Snowman.

Now this design is my own creation that I figured out on the spot.

I used the fundamentals that I learned from Nifty Balloons’ Jumbos tutorial and used an extra 3 ft tall balloon. I just eyed the measurements and stopped blowing it up when it looked right to me. I used a 16 inch balloon for the head and two 3 ft balloons for the body.

I adapted the Nifty Balloons hat design for their clown in the Jumbo tutorial. The hat came out looking like a vintage policeman hat which I actually really like. I think if I made the black round balloon bigger it would look more like a bowler. My adaptation mainly comes into play with how I attached it to the head, which I did by just tying the black round to the nozzle of the top of the head. (The head on the snowman still has a nozzle on top.) I then used a 350 to encircle that attachment of course.

I used 350’s to outline the body as you can see and that was necessary to keep the body in an upright position.

The scarf is imperative as it holds the head in place as well.

I tied two un-inflated 260’s from the top of the middle section to the bottom of the middle section and tucked the brown 260’s that were used for arms in between that and the middle balloon so that it looked clean and did not disrupt the white 350’s hugging the body.

I made two pinch twists on an orange 260 and taped it to the face for the carrot nose.

I just used marker for the rest of the details and of course I made the Nifty Balloon’s base for it using the same principles learned from it.

Behold, my contribution to the Jumbo series,lol. Hope you like it.








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