291st Balloon Sculpture, 2 Tone Snowflake


I have been really busy with a huge project that I will post later. I decorated a huge classroom recently for a contest and one of the elements that I used were balloon snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. More to come on that later.

I made them two tone and I think they look much prettier that way rather than just all white or all one color.

I learned how to make this snowflake via Jim Morey on YouTube. He uses two different colors for teaching purposes. He uses purple and blue in the video.  I think any combo of blue, silver and white looks terrific. I really love his design, it is my favorite snowflake design so far. He does a great job instructing.


Pics of my snowflakes.





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      • Hey. I am a liar. Up until right this moment, I never had a single tutorial filmed. I am sorry for lying. However, I did finally film one for real and it made me really happy. I am just going to put myself out there as I am and I hope my nonchalant and off-the-cuff style accessible to both hearing and hearing-impaired people is universally accessible. I will be doing three videos a week at least at this point after discovering how easy it was and if you will allow me to after lying, I would like to direct people to your beautiful blog (which I consider to be the ultimate balloon resource for professionals and will describe it as such) in all future videos. I am not lying when I say that in the entire history of
        Humankind, you and I both know that you have created and continue to create the greatest balloon art resource of all time!!!!

      • Aw, warm fuzzies. I have nothing but love for ya 🙂 I look forward to seeing them and can’t wait to review and replicate your work! 🙂 I am so thankful for your enthusiasm and support for this blog. 🙂

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